Who Are We:

From a small workshop with only one equipment and two workers to one of the major player in the market who has the advanced technology equipments and team of experts, It took almost 30 years for Jinding. As a professional feeding machine accessories manufacture, Jinding is mainly focus on development and manufacturing of grinder, pellet machine, ultrafine pulverizer and extruder accessories. Our main product include Ring Dies, Roller shells, Hammer Beater, Sieves, Ring Gear, Flat Die and etc.,


Our Mission:

We always believe that the improvement of product will never stop. Our mission to provide the most cost-effective products and attentive service to our customer, and contribute ourselves to the sustainable development of food processing industry.

Our Customer:

We feel very appreciate to be trusted by 2000+ of customers all around the world, and most of them has been created long-term cooperation relationship with us, and we are very welcome you to visit any time.


How to find us:

Add: #128,W. 4th Qitong Rd., Meishan, Sichuan, China 620010
TEL: +(86) 135-4766-0681   +(86) 139-9036-5445

Global network of JinDing :

Global network of JinDing :

Add:#128,W. 4th Qitong Rd., Meishan, Sichuan, China 620010

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